Schoolpaper in Storyjumper

Dear friends,

One of our tasks is to learn students how to create a story with Storyjumper. We first started with creating a monthly schoolpaper. The stories are from students from all the classes. They are written in Dutch….Click the photo and enjoy reading!

The class from the oldest students created also a commic book with Storyjumper.

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Dear friends,

Thanks to the L’Oratoy project, we will create an amazing library in our school where students love to read!

We also did start a collaboration with UCLL (University College). Marielle, student last year of social science, will investigate how we can ingrease the involvement of students in reading.

We also work together for this project with Home Martine Van Camp. The library will be build by people with a mental disability.

After creating a moodbord (with all the students, teachers and parents) a plan for the library was created. The next few months will be necessary to build this beautiful space.

To be continued…



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Reading before bedtime

Dear friends,

We organised a special event in november. A whole week, a lot of parents and teachers read different stories every night before bedtime in our school!

Al the students could come in their pygammas with blankets. After listening beautifull stories they could enjoy a hot chocolade.

It was a week not to forget!


And a very nice video in English: watch here.


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